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MOVE Mobile Systems is an early-stage Silicon Valley startup working on designs and technologies to enable a new class of palm-sized mobile Internet handsets for emerging mobile broadband networks (3G, Wi-Fi, MetroFi, mobile WiMax, etc.).

The goal is to dramatically improve the Internet user experience compared to today’s mobile devices.

By integrating patent-pending man-machine-interface innovations into extraordinarily consumer-friendly form-factors, we have arrived at a design approach that can finally let mainstream consumers hold the full-scale, real Web in their hands, and take it with them in their pockets.

“This could be the key to making the mobile Web ‘mass marketable’.”

– VP Consumer Data Services, at a tier 1 U.S. Wireless Operator

“Wicked Cool. We have looked at pretty much all the devices in this category,
 and this is the best mobile Web device design I've seen.”

– Jim Long, CEO Copernicus, former CEO RioPort

“You've done it all. It's beauty lies in its simplicity.”

– Bill Scott, Stanford University Product Design lecturer
   and owner of Industrial Design firm "Form & Image"